All about IPL hair removal

Kiss unwanted body hair goodbye for good

If you’re tired of constantly having to worry about shaving or waxing off all of your unwanted body hair, then there’s a convenient answer to your woes. That answer is IPL (intense pulsed light) permanent hair removal. When you get your body hair removed this way, the results are indeed permanent. Several treatment sessions are typically required for successful permanent hair removal. These sessions are often extremely brief. Some only last for five minutes or so.

The removal process

This type of removal of hair functions by giving off intense light pulses, just as its name suggests. These pulses are delivered straight into the follicles of the hair. The darker colored pigmentation inside of the hair then soaks up all of the light. The pigment transforms it into heat. This transformation makes the hair loose and incapacitates the cells that contribute to the growth of hair. This, in a nutshell, is how the entire process works.

Laser treatment

Many people compare intense pulsed light hair reduction to laser hair reduction. Since there are various similarities between the two treatments, this comes as no shock. While there are indeed similarities, however, it’s important to note that they’re two completely distinct procedures and are in no way, shape or form the same thing. These treatments employ two entirely different varieties of light to extract hair, after all. Intense pulsed light isn’t a laser. Intense pulsed light treatment, for the most part, tends to be considerable more affordable than its laser removal counterpart, as well.

Time and results

If you decide to get intense pulsed light treatment for the removal of hair, you’ll likely observe a decrease in your body hair right after your initial session. Although this usually happens quickly, it’s crucial for people to note that they typically need to have anywhere between three and six treatments in total. If you fail to get the recommended number of treatments, you may not end up getting the optimal removal results you desire. The need for between three and six treatments is simply due to the fact that hair growth comes in cycles.

Expert opinions necessary

While intense pulsed light can be an efficient and convenient removal option for many people, it’s definitely not suitable for everybody. It generally works best on those who have skin tones that are anywhere between pale and medium. IPL also generally works best on those who have hair that’s on the darker side. If you have blonde hair and an extremely tan or dark skin color, for example, intense pulsed light may not be the best hair removal path out there for you. Intense pulsed light typically isn’t a good option for people who have white hair, either. If your skin is darker, then you aren’t a good candidate for this hair removal treatment. It can often be very harmful to darker skin. If you’re thinking about getting intense pulsed light but aren’t sure if it’s a good choice for you, consult a reputable and experienced professional in the field beforehand. Whether you’re thinking about getting permanent makeup, removal of hair or anything else, it’s always very important to get a professional opinion first.

Areas of the body

Intense pulsed light treatment can be used to get rid of hair from all different parts of the body. If you have unwanted hair on your face, intense pulsed light can help, whether it’s on your chin, upper lip, hair line or anywhere else. If you have unwanted hair on your hands, arms, legs, lower torso or anywhere else, this treatment can also help. For more information about this treatment, contact the friendly professionals at the Deluxe Center Spa on E. Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale as soon as possible. You can set up a consultation to figure out whether or not intense pulsed light removal treatment is something that’s a good idea for you.