Are you ready for a facial?

If you have never had a facial before, you are missing out. Not only are they a pampering and relaxing spa treat, but more and more skin care professionals and dermatologists agree – you should be getting facial treatments on a regular basis. Routine treatments help you stay on top of skin issues and can provide relief from seasonal skin changes, helping keep you looking and feeling your best. Don’t be intimidated, even if it is your very first time. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to walk you through the ins and outs of getting a one so you can put your best skin forward.

What will it do for me?

First, let’s talk about why you even want to get one. The short answer is it will improve your skin. You can expect both general and targeted benefits when you get a facial. All types will help bring your skin to its very best look and feel. You will see increased hydration, improved texture, and healthier glowing skin even after just one treatment. Depending on the type of treatment you select and the customization your aesthetician decides is right for your best skin, you will also see additional targeted benefits. For example, our Photo-Facial uses cutting edge technology to boost collagen and elastin, giving your skin, reducing visible signs of aging. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, check out our Skin Care Treatments page or speak with a member of our staff who can help guide you through our offerings.

What can I expect?

Once you’ve booked your appointment, there are a few things you should know to make your first time as comfortable as possible.

An in-depth look at your skin :  You will be brought into a private space where you and one of our specially trained aestheticians can discuss your skin and get an up-close look at it. Yes, there will be a magnifying glass aimed at your skin. This may feel a little invasive, but we need to know about all skin concerns to give you a positive experience.

Allow enough time: An appointment can take a chunk of time out of your day, so it is a good idea to plan accordingly. The majority of our skin care services will last around 50 minutes or longer. If you are pressed for time, look into our Expresssession to give your skin a healthy boost in 30 minutes.

Varying treatments:  Even though you may have selected a specific type of treatment when placing your appointment, your experience will be customized to your skin needs. This means that each individual may get a slightly different experience.

Discomfort is normal : Certain aspects of your treatment may cause some mild discomfort. Extracting clogged dirt and oil from your pores can be uncomfortable. Also, providing deep exfoliation, like in a Microdermabrasion treatment, can cause some sensitivity that may occur during and last for a short period after your visit. The discomfort will quickly fade, but the positive impact on your skin will last.

A Couple of Ddys to recover : An intensive treatment can cause redness and may draw impurities to the surface of your skin. With this in mind, schedule your treatment accordingly. You won’t want to have a treatment the morning of a big event, but a few days in advance.

Which treatment is right for me?

Now that you have an idea of what to expect your first time, you may be wondering which facial treatments are right for you. It all depends on what you want to accomplish. If you’re experiencing dry, dull skin, our Hydrating version can bathe you in refreshing moisture. If oily skin and breakouts are causing you trouble, try a Clarifying option to restore balance. We also offer a wide variety of Anti-Aging options, designed to improve the appearance and reduce signs of aging. These offerings include a series of targeted treatments broken down by age group with something for everyone from 25 to 50 plus. Not sure exactly what you need? No worries. Book our Deluxe

Signature session and get a customized experience created just for you.  This type of skin care service is perfect for all skin types and age groups. Regardless of the treatment you choose, you will be on your way to truly healthy, radiant skin. Book your appointment today and begin to unveil the true beauty of your best skin.