What is a facial?

Facial treatments are a skincare process designed specifically for the face. These treatments include several steps starting with a consultation with your esthetician. After learning about your skin and how you typically care for it, he or she will begin with cleansing the skin. Next, the treatment may include exfoliation, extraction of blackheads or whiteheads if desired, a gentle steam application, and a massage. The next step includes the application of the mask designed specifically for your skin’s type. Finally, your skin will receive a finishing application of moisturizer or other desired final products. Your beauty consultant will design your personal experience and lead you through each step.

Are all facials the same?

All facials can be customized to meet your personal needs. However, facials have already been designed for specific purposes to help you receive the experience you are looking for. Here are some of the most typically offered types of facials:

Classic Facials : Every spa has a variation on this classic. The goal of this treatment is rest, relief, and relaxation while you enjoy deep cleansing and massaging. Some spas even offer a quick version of this classic for those looking for speedy stress relief and skincare on a busy schedule. This refreshing option is perfect for anyone and will leave you feeling fantastic.

Hydrating Facials : These facials focus on restoring moisture to faces that are looking for relief from dryness and increased hydration. Hydrating treatments aid the skin’s production of collagen and leave the surface smooth and plump.

Anti-aging Facials: As its name reveals, this skin treatment is targeted to minimize the effects of aging on your skin. As skin ages, the level of collagen decreases leaving the skin less plump and full than young skin. Also, the speed of new replacement cells for the surface of your skin slows, leaving your face with more wrinkles and signs of wear due to expression and movement. An anti-aging treatment exfoliates the dead skin cells and stimulates the new healthy cells to rise to the surface. Additional serums are often applied to renew your skin’s appearance and leave it feeling fresh and young.

Clarifying Facials : This option includes the basic steps of the classic skin treatment but focuses on removing causes of breakouts by deep cleaning your pores and balancing oil production. You will come away with skin feeling clean, clear, and well-balanced.

What are the benefits?

Facials are a wonderful way to enjoy some pampering while enjoying the benefits of healthier skin. The perks are numerous, but the following list includes five of the most important ones.

• Professional Cleansing :  You can maintain a great skincare routine, but all skin needs a regular deep cleaning to get rid of dirt, excess oil, and other harmful substances. Having professional help with this can relieve pressure on you and prevent skin damage including scarring and infection.

Problem Prevention : We are all guilty of waiting for an issue to become unbearable before we seek out help. Regular facials can be an excellent way to prevent skin problems and treat them before they can become a big deal.

• Consultation on daily skin care including products : There are more treatments, creams, and serums on the shelves now than you could possibly sort through. Facials offer a great start to good skin care, but they can also serve as a great time to consult with a skincare professional about daily products to use for your skin.

Stimulation of circulation : The massaging and exfoliation you will receive also serve as a great way to get the blood flowing to the skin. With increased circulation, your skin can produce more collagen and receive the renewal and nutrients it needs.

Relaxation for the soul : Even without the incredible physical benefits, facials can serve as time to de-stress and take care of your inner self. Everybody needs time to take a step back from life’s busyness, and the experience offers the perfect time to relax and refresh.

How can I get one?

After learning about the amazing features and benefits of facials, you are probably wondering how you can get one. You may have heard of home facials and seen masks that can be applied yourself. These can be great tools to use weekly but are no substitute for professional facials. Having a professional esthetician work with you will allow you to relax, receive deeper cleansing and stimulation, and ensure that your skin will get the best care. Finding an experienced, licensed esthetician is essential to experiencing your best skin treatment. You can connect with a skincare professional through a spa, and you will be on your way to feeling pampered, refreshed, and healthier than ever before.