Why we love body contouring

Why we love body contouring (And you should, too!)

Body contouring is fast becoming the “go to” alternative for people who don’t want to submit to the risks of invasive fat reduction surgery. There is much to love about contouring treatments – not the least of which is that there are a variety of techniques you can choose from and that these techniques actually do work! Another great perk that comes from choosing contouring versus surgery is that it is cheaper. But perhaps the best perk is that the results come to you faster, and without scarring or the intense pain that surgery can produce. Read on to learn more about why we love body contouring and you should too!

Types of contouring techniques

Today’s contouring procedures feature a variety of techniques that can be used for different contouring needs. Here are some of the most popular options you have today:

  • Ultra Cavitation

With Ultra Cavitation body sculpting, your fat deposits are converted into a liquid that can be easily and painlessly passed out of your body. Already successfully practiced in 50+ countries, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Ultra Cavitation for use in the U.S. as well. Treatments last just 30 minutes and there is no recovery time and no pain.

  • Lipo light laser

Lipo light laser uses LED light Therapy to transform fat cells so they can pass easily out of the body. These treatments are known to be relaxing and pain-free. The entire lymphatic system of the body is stimulated to release toxins and aid in fat removal.

  • Radio frequency skin tightening

In this form of sculpting, radio frequencies are used to tighten skin that may sag due to childbirth, weight loss, the aging process or for other reasons. One of the best things about this technique is that it can be used in conjunction with any other body sculpting technique to lose inches and smooth and tighten skin – so your result is a younger, sleeker all-over physique.

  • Anti-cellulite treatment

This treatment is a non-invasive procedure designed to stimulate your circulatory and lymphatic system simultaneously to assist with fat drainage and skin smoothing.

  • Body contour slimming buttocks lift

This treatment relocates unwanted fat deposits from other areas of the body to the buttocks to produce a gorgeous natural feminine curve and lift. It is non-invasive and non-surgical – and totally pain-free. Best of all, the results will be permanent.

Other things to love about contouring

Body sculpting is part of the new breed of body enhancement techniques in that it is painless, affordable, non-invasive and requires no recovery time or missed work days. It is possible to attend a session to receive the technique of your choice on your lunch hour or in between errands and no one will be the wiser when you resume your day.

As well, many sculpting services are sold in packages to help reduce the cost of receiving the most beneficial number of treatments, which for most people will range from three to six treatments to see the fullest results. And finding financing for cosmetic treatments is much easier than other types of financing – in many cases, you can get instant approval.

Sculpting also makes a great holiday or birthday gift, and you don’t even need to request a specific service. Just ask for a gift card in the amount you would like to use at your favorite spa and what you use it for will be up to you!

How to prepare for your first contouring treatment

If you have never had contouring before, you may be understandably curious about what you need to do to prepare. In most cases, you won’t need to do anything specific other than to ensure you stay well hydrated and do your best to avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine during the period of time you are taking treatments.

This is because alcohol, caffeine and dehydration can all impact how well your body’s circulatory and lymphatic system is able to work to move the fat and toxins out of your body naturally. Your treatment provider will likely also want you to be sure to get plenty of rest, to continue with your normal fitness and health routine and to avoid using any new or harsh products on your skin.

Next steps to get the body You Crave

Here at Deluxe Center Spa in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we specialize in body sculpting and contouring treatments as well as a full range of relaxing and rejuvenating spa services. We invite you to connect with us today to get all your questions answered and choose the contouring treatment that is right for your goals. Visit us online atwww.deluxecenterspa.com/body-contouring/ to get started!